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415 N Independence St. Enid, OK 73701 580-237-0071


Financing & Credit

Q. Does Value Auto Mart have financing available to its customers who purchase vehicles there?

A. YES! We have “In-House” financing available to each customer that applies and meets our underwriting requirements.

Q. Am I required to finance through Value Auto Mart just because I purchase a vehicle there?

A. NO! You may secure financing from the financial institution of your choice. *NOTICE- We do NOT provide financing from indirect sources!

Q. Can I get financed through you if my credit is “less than perfect”?

A. YES! We extend credit based on two things: 1. The honesty and accuracy of the information provided to us in the Application 2. The customer’s individual ability to pay. (Is your income sufficient enough to make the payments?)

Q. What are Value Auto Mart’s financial requirements for approval?

A. Our minimum requirements for financing are: 1. 6-Months on job with 3 year job history. 2. 6-Months residency requirement with 5 year residence history. 3. 10 personal references – (Friends, Relative, Co-Workers, etc.).

Q. Does Value Auto Mart report to credit reporting agencies?

A. Yes! Value Auto Mart electronically submits account and payment data from customer accounts on a monthly basis to Equifax, one of the 3-national Credit Reporting Agencies.

Payment Options

Q. I see that on your Window Stickers, you show a weekly payment. Is that how I will pay?

A. Not necessarily! We will set/contract the payments according to how each customer gets paid individually, according to how they receive their income.(weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly).

Q. Can I pay ahead on my contracted payments?

A. YES! There’s no penalty for paying off your loan with us early. And you can even save some finance charges by paying your loan off early!

Q. Does Value Auto Mart accept credit/debit payments?

A. YES! And we also have the ability to accept “over the phone” or “pre-authorized” payment transactions.

Q. Can my payments be setup to be automatically withdrawn from my checking account?

A. YES! We can automatically electronically withdraw payments on a recurring schedule.

Vehicles and Warranty

Q. Can I have my vehicle checked by a mechanic prior to making my purchase?

A. ABSOLUTELY! REQUIRE each potential customer to have their vehicle mechanically inspected prior to finalizing their purchase, thereby insuring that the vehicle is "good" for them. (Since "good" is an objective term, it obviously varies from person to person!) And YOU choose the mechanic who performs your vehicle inspection for you.

Q. Who is responsible for the cost of the required mechanic’s check?

A. The customer is responsible for any costs incurred in the performance of a mechanic’s check on the vehicle they are purchasing.

Q. Are your vehicles sold AS IS without a WARRANTY?

A. NO! Most of our vehicles have a LIMITED WARRANTY that is included in the selling price. It's part of the deal. It's not an aftermarket item that we try to sell you when all the other paperwork is done. AND it's a warranty that actually covers important mechanical components of the vehicle that actually pays out claims that are filed! We will occasionally sell a vehicle without a warranty, but those are usually “specialty” vehicles and those that are sold as “wholesale to the public”. A Federal Buyer’s Guide is prominently and conspicuously posted on every vehicle offered for sale indicating whether or not that specific vehicle has a warranty.

Q. What does your warranty cover?

A. Our LIMITED WARRANTY is basically a powertrain warranty that covers a few additional items. **Please contact us directly so we can give you all the details.**

Q. Is your WARRANTY a guarantee the nothing will go wrong with the vehicle purchased?

A. NO! But our LIMITED WARRANTY is a guarantee that you won’t be stuck for the entire repair bill if a covered item goes bad within the warranty coverage period.

Q. What is the “warranty coverage period”?

A. The warranty coverage period is for 12 months from the date of purchase or 12,000 miles from the mileage shown on the vehicle at time of delivery, whichever comes first.

Q. Does Value Auto Mart provide a CARFAX vehicle history report with the vehicles sold?

A. YES! We will SHOW YOU THE CARFAX on every vehicle! (And YOU can access the CARFAX REPORT from this website yourself on the inventory page!)

Trade-In Vehicles

Q. Does Value Auto Mart take trade-ins?

A. YES! We will trade for ANY vehicle, running or not. The trade-in vehicle must be registered in the owner’s name (with name listed on the front of the title), and must have a current license plate on the vehicle.

Q. Can my trade-in be part of the required down payment?

A. YES! As long as there is no negative equity (upside down) in the vehicle, the value can be applied to, or be used in lieu of, the down payment.

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